My trip to Miami! Vlog (Pictures&Videos) – Miami Video

Hi my beauties!! So I never did a Vlog like this one before and while I was in Miami I decided to film a little to make this video!! Give me feedback!! Let me know if you like these, or if you don’t!! Kisses to you all! *I apologize for saying WERE IN MIAMI like 100 times….. we were excited haha xoxo Outfits in order as shown: Me: Feed me beats tshirt get one here: Bakers over the knee boots Zara scarf Dior sunglasses Forever21 blue leggings Bakers Black Purse Cutie Shey backless stripe dress Sabo skirt white lace top Sabo skirt floral skirt Asos spike belt Steve Madden wedges Asos collar necklace Navy blue Zara romper Christian Louboutins Beige Crop top Go Jane Coal n terry vintage stud shorts Alexander McQueen sunglasses Long black skirt I got in a random shop in Miami Black and white Bebe dress Sam: Forever 21 houndstooth scarf Black and white Know Style maxi dress Gucci sunglasses Go Jane beige crop top Carerra sunglasses Mink pink shorts Star crop top go Jane Sabo skirt stud shorts Sabo skirt beige dress Coal n terry spike shorts American apparel leather onesie My Website! : Come check out my beauty page for quotes & love! http Come say hi !!! I love tweeting! Instagram: @CarliBel @TheFashionBybel – My Fashion Page for OOTD
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18 Responses to “My trip to Miami! Vlog (Pictures&Videos) – Miami Video”

  1. MrStrawberry145 says:

    Does ur best friend Sam know how to play Dj’s?

  2. Madelief Dingemanse says:


  3. heartofhonour says:

    uhhh she clearly just showed that she did in the video 2:50 ??

  4. Emme D. says:

    more vids like this pls! it’s fun lol

  5. purplelonghorn07 says:

    um it looks like they just got there

  6. Jackie Franco says:


  7. linduhhification says:

    In the fan pictures you looked like you didn’t wanna be there like you barely smiled..

  8. michellee2551 says:

    Love all the outfits!

  9. Alicia Ortiz says:

    PLEASE CONTINUE PUTTING UP VIDEOS!!!!!!! I absolutely love them

  10. paige cbra says:

    plz do more Vlogs!!!!

  11. athens54a says:

    great looks!! love the way you rocked that checkered shirt. i’ve been seriously trying to figure out how i might wear mine out!

  12. touchofpink89 says:

    Love love love the maxi dress! And I have that blue outfit you wore out at the club haha

  13. Fanny Rivas says:

    youre so cuteeeee! i love the video wish i could’ve met you! but im sure youll come back to visit once more!

  14. kappucinokiss1 says:

    she did…. did you watch the whole video they went to the mall an there was like 15 pics with subbies

  15. liz45541 says:

    important debatable topics, oh wait….

  16. JustBrowsingLol says:


  17. Maria Lombardo says:

    Could u do a video on what you take in your travel bag for example ur makeup u take your creams and lotions, jewellery etc x

  18. MsKimiKiwi says:

    Looks like a blast!! I’m so jealous (:


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