Timeline: Face-eating attack in Miami (with narration) – Miami Video

A condensed and narrated version of the Miami Herald building security camera footage showing the attack on a homeless man on the MacArthur Causeway. Rudy Eugene mauled Ronald Poppo, biting his face and gouging his eyes during the attack. Police arrived and shot and killed Eugene to stop the attack May 26, 2012. Produced by Chuck Fadely/Miami Herald Staff, narrated by Arianna Prothero/WLRN/Miami Herald News

25 Responses to “Timeline: Face-eating attack in Miami (with narration) – Miami Video”

  1. JeffFisher JaneBowell says:

    lots of stories
    youtube com/channel/UCi6AdD0NY949ggUzROg3pyQ?feature=mhee
    See you all at
    DisneyWorld in Orlando
    The entire world knows about BayPoint School and its Direct Connection to AIPAC.

    Do you really want all the Hispanics up in roar about your participation in the cover-up.

    This will be posted all over the net and facebook and so much more.

    Go to print now and tell the local affiliates also.

    I am being filmed and that youtube is going to the Middle East and also to true Christians

  2. jeancrush says:


  3. GummyBear0333 says:

    I ont w

  4. GummyBear0333 says:

    I’m scared

  5. Jason Enderle says:

    All you zopmbie enthusiasts are rather stupid yourselves, firstly you are mostly nerds who are un-fit. Secondly you say “lock and load” but you have no access to weapons of any kind. Third and final, yeah I guess its possible but The Lord would have something planned.

  6. echoesroll says:

    imagine if u see a naked strong man than you eating another man face , u gonna stop ? if u have a gun yes ..but the best was call the police immediately ….

  7. santiramela says:

    Found the place–> 25.787231,-80.186469 at google maps shows it

  8. TheJohnchavez says:

    so disappointed in people

  9. V904T says:

    great another ni**er down! Guess what I`m a 120 percent sure the cops would have arrested him instead of killed if Rudy was white

  10. Jenna nope says:

    He’s just too high

  11. PerlitaHabanera says:

    you are right, if i was the man of the bike who passed by or in the car, i would’ve atleast shout at him or something to distract him.stop the cars or something, not just keep on going,

  12. PerlitaHabanera says:

    poor man, 18 minutes of agony.

  13. soulfuldragon says:

    Considering it took 5 bullets to put that man down I think if someone had stopped to help they would have been seriously injured themselves. Honestly, if I saw someone getting their face eaten off I wouldn’t have stopped either. I would have sped away form there as fast as I could and alerted the cops.

  14. Chillywilly771 says:

    Hey u cannot say all americans are scum, clearly u r uneducated and racist.. Dont speak for me cause i was not there. Im sure those people were either scared or just didnt want 2 get involved. Yes those few people were wrong in what they did and im sure they regret what they did. I would like to think they called the police. Oh and if u think that all americans r scum and if u live in some other country DONT COME HERE! We dont want ppl like you here

  15. funnyman0069 says:

    maybe u should go fuck your mom i did that shit last night its wrecked

  16. MrKiller66613 says:

    you spics are scum, you dont realize that anyone in that situation would not be a hero, go fuck yourself

  17. TheCongenital says:

    typical…….people just going past without intervening

  18. HsLilly1 says:


  19. hAHAha13Halo1 says:

    @gonzalo sierra, FUCK YOU. Tell us more about how heroic you’ll be when you encounter a naked man CHEWING OFF THE FACE OF ANOTHER MAN. Tell us more about how you’ll stop and call the police while you continue watching the brutal attack from a few feet away. Or tell us how you will decide to step in and fight the man who is on an extremely strong form if drugs with your bare hands.

  20. Rotwormz says:

    fuck this shit

  21. jamexxxxxxxx says:

    if i was that biker i would be scared as shit the first thing on my mind would be “zombiess!!!!” i would call the police though

  22. gonzalo sierra says:

    you americans are scum you dont give shit, there is cars passing by seeing this and did nothing didnt stiop didnt said anything…

  23. Lach1234 says:

    Looks like there’s a small wall dividing the highway from the sidewalk.

    I would imagine bikers riding by couldn’t see those two guys laying on the ground on the other side. But how would I know, I wasn’t there.

    That’s some pretty scary shit there.

  24. iBeaNzxX says:

    Okay, I understand your frustration, Take into consideration that it took 5 gun shots to take the insane man down, You go and try to kick him off.

  25. TheYousuck1994 says:

    I know what you mean.


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