☼ My Favourite Places in Miami ☼ – Miami Video

HEY HEY!! This video features some of my favourite places in Miami to visit for shopping, food, and a good time. Like I said in the video, this is based on my opinion and don’t expect everybody to agree! Although I hope if you do get a chance to visit any of these places that you enjoy it! Links: Restaurants www.hosteriaromana.com bicebistrococonutgrove.com www.thecheesecakefactory.com sushisiam.com www.cindyhutsoncuisine.com www.bubbagump.com www.benihana.com www.flanigans.net Malls www.simon.com www.simon.com www.cocowalk.net balharbourshops.com lincolnroadmall.com Some other malls worth visiting www.aventuramall.com www.shopdolphinmall.com www.seminolehardrockhollywood.com www.simon.com Music | Camden Park – Super Flower Twitter @FashionFilth My Instagram: FashionFilth www.fashionfilth.com http Ebay Store: myworld.ebay.co.uk and my facebook fan page: www.facebook.com

20 Responses to “☼ My Favourite Places in Miami ☼ – Miami Video”

  1. yriaz1 says:

    I’d love to see a London one Lexi 🙂

  2. girlwiththearabstrap says:

    Would you do a piercings video? I actually love yours, they look amazing!

  3. SunflowerOlivia says:

    I’m mad that I’m seeing this video after I’ve come back from Miami! lol
    Just came back from there on friday and stayed on Ocean Drive; did alot of tourist stuff but can’t wait to go back again & check out the shops & restaurants you suggested!!

  4. indigoDroog says:

    Lexi, where did you get the black choker you wear in most of your videos? I’ve been looking for a similar one for ages and I just can’t find one. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Mia Milly says:

    I looooooved this video!! Never knew what miami was like until i watched this, looks awesome. What do you think 18 year olds do to hang out in miami? 🙂

  6. sugarlovinstyle says:

    Luvvvvv the video Lexi. I was born and raised in Miami, I have traveled the world and Miami is my favorite place too. I am so glad u enjoyed this amazing city. I luv all ur videos…can’t believe u mentioned Flanigan’s in the grove…blackened dolphin salad is the best!

  7. charlenex12 says:

    Wish I knew about the sunset mall, we went to aventura which was a friggin lifetime to get to!!

  8. Mitchi2103 says:

    Pleeeeease do a London edition! I love love love London!

  9. xsweetl0ux says:

    best hotel : the Delano !!!

  10. AW141189 says:

    Have you been to the venetian pool in Coral Gables? It’s awesome

  11. lovetv2013 says:

    Why did you write española way with a g?

  12. pproduction123 says:

    Lexi this is a really thorough and well put together video. I absolutely LOVE London so I would be very pleased to see a London edition. : )

  13. pproduction123 says:

    YES to tour of London favourite places.

  14. mbb03f says:

    I have lived in Miami my whole life and I hate it. I promise you it is much different to vacation verse living here. The jobs are low paying here, people are rude it is hard to do business here. This girl has no clue what she is talking about. Unless you are a millionaire and can afford not to work Miami sucks! This girl obviously does not work or lives off her rents $.

  15. spaceysno1girl says:

    Amazing video, loved seeing this footage, definitely want to visit there someday xx

  16. amandamarshmallows says:

    Awe, would you ever move to the states? 😀

  17. 1989missbee says:


  18. 1989missbee says:

    If you dislike being in London why don’t you just move to maimi! Great Vid tho x

  19. TiffanyJayneee says:

    You should do a video like this about London! x

  20. jemnav says:

    Great video makes me wanna go back to MIA. Sun can do so much for a persons mood :-) I’ll be using this video as a tour guide for when I head back down there, thanks!


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